Advanced Features of Call of Duty Ghosts Multiplayer

call of duty ghosts

Before playing Call of duty ghost, players must have thorough information on the step by step procedures, to win the game with an ease. With the advanced technicalities, different new features are associated with this gaming solution.

Creating your own female character, squad points and other services, makes it a huge hit among Xbox gaming lovers. You can even unlock any special powers at any level, even before reaching the final step.

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This is done to make the game even more interesting. The modern gaming modes and tactical knee slides are some of the other features to be noted down.

Create Your Soldier

While playing call of duty ghost multiplayer, you have to create your own soldier. In this segment, you can create something more than just a plain layout. Now, players are liable to change the character’s appearance and purchase various characters, at the same time. If you would like to enjoy call of duty mobile on PC using cod emulator then check out this post from where they explain it in great detail.

Moreover, call of duty ghost xbox 360 will help to tune the weapons perfectly and focus more on strike and perk strategies. You can even wrap it in different camo styles for weapon and character.

However, Call oF Duty also plays an eminent part in this gaming software.

Use Unlock Services

While playing call of duty ghosts multiplayer, you might come across various unlock services, each holding some positive features in it. To make your soldier unique and more powerful, do not forget to unlock codes and use those, when the apt time comes.

You have the opportunity to customize your clan tag and squad points. The main aim to use squad points in call of duty ghost ps 3 is to use currency in multiplayer segment.

These currencies are used to unlock weapons, new characters, strike packages and other attachments. You can avail these at top left side of your screen and are represented by golden coins.

Plants Vs. Zombies Facts to Know – Mobile Game!

plants vs zombies 2 facts

Playing different kinds of games is one of the most significant sources of entertainment. Different players love different games as per mood, choice, or need — however, Plants Vs. Zombies are one of the trendiest games getting more fame all over the world.

Due to its features, gameplay, functions, system, graphics, and missions, the game is fabulous as compared to others. PopCap games develop the game for Android and iOS devices.

There is no need to pay a fee for playing and downloading the game as it is free offered by game developers.

Also, some items in the game are purchasable that you can buy as per requirements. Lots of exciting challenges, missions, levels, available, which you need to complete for gaining rewards, progressing faster besides to explore endless joy.

Every player in the game needs to kill dangerous zombies with the help of plants to protect their brains, house, and farms.

You can adopt different strategies for killing the zombies as every zombie contains some weakness. Some individual plants are also developed to shoot certain kinds of zombies.


After entering the game, beginners are required to watch the game tutorial for more reasons. They can learn basics, controls, features, as well as a system of Plants Vs. Zombies game through its tutorial.

In simple words, we can say that it allows players to learn how to play the game or what to do in a specific way. If you are a beginner in Plants Vs. Zombies game, don’t try to skip this step as sometimes basics help a lot.

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Flowers and plants

As we mentioned earlier, a hundred kinds of plants available in the game that can be used as a powerful weapon against creatures or zombies.

With the help of sunflowers, you can get sun juice. Sun juice is used to upgrade the items, plants as well as other essential stuff.

Improving every part helps to get a powerful army that can win every fight smoothly. Try to crop more flowers or plants that help to progress faster like no one another can.

Play more

In order to make new strategies or winning techniques, try to play the game more per day. No doubt, when a user tries to play the game all times, he/she can make sturdy winning tips besides can learn how to pass each level.

With that, they are able to reduce all mental stress, enjoy more also can achieve their personal goals quickly.

In-game currencies

Like all other games, Plants Vs. Zombies also include various kinds of currencies that can be used in different places. Use these legit hacks for plants vs zombies 2 to get free coins and gems.

Currencies can be used to purchase items, upgrades, things, plants, skills, and much more. However, it allows you to perform every task smoothly without getting stressed.

In-game currencies can earn through completing daily tasks, missions, and collecting rewards. Collecting all currencies in a more massive amount helps to gain unlimited benefits besides getting a chance to become a pro player.