Common DragonVale Game Tips And Tricks You Should Know

The game of breeding the dragons is quite attractive, especially for those who love to keep pets.

After all, these dragons will be more like your virtual pets. While you level up in Dragon vale, you will notice that smart playing will help you to progress better.

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You have to understand how to balance the different dragons in particular habitats with the maximum possibility of gaining money.

  • A single habitat will generate a limited amount of money at one shot. For instance, the upper-bound for the plant habitat is $500. So when you are at Level 10, it won be feasible to keep four dragons in a singular plant habitat. It will not add to your profit.
  • When you have a few habitats where the upper bound is comparatively higher, the strategy will be different. You have to keep some dragons on a moderate level. The aim is to increase the cash gain per habitat per collection. As you already know that four dragons at level 10 in the plant habitat are a pure waste of money, you also cannot keep a pair of level 1 dragons in a singe air habitat.
  • When you want to level up the dragons, you have to buy the treats for them. Now you have to calculate whether the expense for the purchase of treats will be lesser than the benefit that you can enjoy from the higher level dragons.

You have to be very careful about buying the treats. The price of the treats is more like a degrading scale.

If you see the breakdown carefully, you will notice that if you want to buy 5 Dragon Snaps treats that will cost 50 each, the total cost will be $6000.

Whereas a treat of Dragon Root amounting to 20 in number ad 250 per unit, the total cost will be around $3000.